Seeded in Ohio
Sprouted in Cincinnati
Matured in Detroit
Blossomed in LA
Rooted in 45202

EDU 1: School for Creative & Performing Arts @ 1310
EDU 2: University of Cincinnati DAAP BSD


My artwork is a reflection of experiences that have shaped my life ā€“ from the moments of triumph to the embarrassments of my failures. Each piece is a testimony of my personal journey and reflects the way I see the world in which we live.
Everything I create is very emotional and personal, whether Iā€™m sketching images with a ballpoint pen or painting others with bold, vibrant colors. My hope is to lure viewers with timeless elements that help them live in the moments I depict on canvas. Ultimately, I want to inspire people to acknowledge and achieve their true potential, regardless of what obstacles life may put in their path.